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Bella Diamonds Collection feat. Kim Kardashian - Monthly Color Contact Lenses

  • Bella Diamonds Collection Box
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Allure Blonde
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Almond Gray
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Caribbean Green
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Gray Green
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Pacific Blue
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Glitter Gray
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Brown Shadow
  • Bella Diamonds Collection - Gray Shadow
  • Bella Contact Lenses
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From: €48.99
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Bella Diamonds
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Bella Diamonds Collection feat. Kim Kardashian - Monthly Color Contact Lenses

William Shakespeare said, "The eyes are the window to one's soul". How very true. Flattering, mesmerising, stunning, alluring, dazzling, captivating... you can be all these and more with our newest collection, Diamonds from Bella Color Lenses as featured by Kim Kardashian.


Get ready to enchant with enlarged eyes, mystically. Be prepared to stun, naturally. Welcome to a world where compliments are routine and looking gorgeous is effortless. Welcome to the world of Diamonds.

Be a bewitching beauty or a dazzling diva. Light up a smile or pump up the wow factor. Choose the impression you want to create, the elegance you want to exude and the awe you want to leave behind. Whatever sensation you choose, we have the lens for it.

Just like diamonds are known for their radiance and eternal beauty, so is our Bella Diamonds Collection. The collection is one of its kind in the world. It reflects and radiates the natural characteristics of a diamond. Bella Diamond Collection lenses come in 6 amazingly natural shades. Allure Blonde, Caribbean Green, Glitter Gray, Almond Gray, Gray Green, Pacific Blue. In stock and available for immediate shipping.

Product Details
Lens Type: 1 month disposable colored contact lenses
Package Details: 2 colored lenses immersed in saline solution
Material and % of content: 62% Polymacon
Water % of content: 38%
Other info: Bella Diamonds color contacts provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance when fitted, worn and cared for properly.
Manufacturer: Bella Contact Lenses

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