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Waicon TriKolor 2 pack by Pförtner

  • Waicon TriKolor by Pförtner Colored Contact Lenses Box
  • Waicon Tri-Kolor Contact Lenses Colors
  • Dark Green
  • Blue Gray
  • Hazel
  • Green
  • Stylish Gray
  • Stylish Brown
  • Gray
  • Blue
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Product Description

Waicon Trikolor has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced with their new line of premium color contacts, ColorVision. Continuing the heritage, ColorVision is a premium brand of colored contact lenses designed by the renowned Pförtner family of contact lens artisans.

Just like the original Waicon TriKolor, ColorVision Contact Lenses keep the dyes intact from touching the eyes, thus providing a healthy wearing experience thanks to the new "micro-pigmentation" tinting process. The tinting process leaves transparent parts in the colored area of the contact lens to merge with the wearer’s natural eye color, giving the most natural, life like result available. You can try them in these amazing 6 colors: Gray, Green, Blue, Hazel, Blue Gray,
Dark Gray.


Waicon TriKolor Monthly by Pförtnerwaicon-logo-small.jpg

Are you bored with brown? Looking for some change? Simply put, Waicon TriKolor color contact lenses are the most life like color lenses you can buy anywhere today. No wonder they are the No. 1 cosmetic contact lenses celebrities prefer worldwide.

The Waicon TriKolor color contact lenses come in 8 amazingly natural shades. Gray (Gris), Green (Verde), Blue (Azul), Hazel (Miel), Blue Gray (Acqua), Dark Green (Esmeralda), Stylish Gray and Stylish Brown. In stock and available for immediate shipping.

  • One Year Supply = 12 Boxes (6 per eye)
  • 2 Lenses / box

Pfortner's Waicon TriKolor cosmetic color contact lenses are premium contact lenses providing superior feel and comfort as well as stunningly natural color. Their high performance material minimizes water loss during wear and their 38.5% water content makes them suitable for all eyes, especially, those suffering from dryness.

The Waicon TriKolor range of color contact lenses is one of the thinnest lenses, thus providing suitable oxygen transmissibility to the eyes. Unlike other colored contact lenses, the dyes used in TriKolor lenses do not interact with the eyes, thus providing a healthy wearing experience thanks to the new "micropigmentation" tinting process.


Their excellent characteristics, provide excellent visual acuity with wide pupil opening. Waicon TriKolor contact lenses come with thin edges (0.05mm) maximizing comfort and minimizing eye lid-lens interaction. With a Tint Diameter of 12.50mm they cover the natural Iris fully and with a Pupil Diameter of 5.1mm provide clear night vision unlike other smaller pupil diameter lenses causing double vision.

Waicon TriKolor are also available as Yearly lenses Waicon TriKolor Yearly 1 lens in vial by Pförtner  and in a cost saving 6 pack Waicon TriKolor 6 pack by Pförtner

If you are a regular color contact wearer you may find  the Waicon Trikolor 6 pack more value for money compared to the 2 pack. Furthermore, the 6 pack may be split into 3 pairs of different colors giving you the opportunity to find the color that suits your style best.

Professional Makeup Artist, Nic Chapman from Pixiwoohas featured the Waicon TriKolor Blue (Azul)in her latest "Trend Bright Lip Makeup" tutorial.

Product Details

Lens Type: 1 month disposable colored contact lenses

Package Details: 2 colored lenses immersed in saline solution

Material and % of content: 61.5% HEMA

Water % of content: 38.5%

*Please note that Pfortner has recently changed the base lens used in their products. The old type of lens had 38.5% Water content and 61.5% HEMA and was available with DIA 14.5 BC 8.7 for 0.00 Plano and DIA 14.0 BC 8.7 for all other Rx prescriptions. All new batches come with DIA 14.2 BC 8.6 for ALL prescriptions and with 55% Water content and 45% HEMA. These new lenses may have darker colors. Lenses of the old type are not available any longer as their production has stopped.

Other info: Waicon TriKolor color contacts provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance when fitted, worn and cared for properly. Waicon Trikolor can be worn even with 20/20 vision.

Manufacturer: Pförtner

Please note that all powers except 0.00 Plano as well as the Stylish Gray and Stylish Brown incur a surcharge. Positive powers and Stylish Gray and Stylish Brown color may be custom ordered due to limited stock availability. They usually ship in 5-7 business days.

Product Videos

Bright Lip Makeup Tutorial (10:12)
This video was recorded in advance just before I had my baby so thatcould take a few weeks out to get to know her at home. It's perfect for this summer now that the weather is a little better. I hope you enjoy. Xxx Estee Lauder Day Wear Tinthttp://tidd.ly/53a87800Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundationhttp://tidd.ly/a4050154RT Buffing Brushhttp://www.pomltd.com/real-techniques-m28MAC Mineralize Concealerhttp://tidd.ly/73bafcfRT Base Shadow Brushhttp://www.pomltd.com/real-techniques-m28Clinique Chubby Stick Eyes Bountiful Beigehttp://tidd.ly/5cba31e9MAC Blacktrack Gel Linerhttp://tidd.ly/255eff4Louise Young LY24Ahttp://www.pomltd.com/makeup-c8/brushes-c6/louise-young-ly24-p173Anastasia Brow Wiz Medium Ashhttp://www.pomltd.com/makeup-c8/brows-c9/anastasia-beverly-hills-brow-wiz-medium-ash-p683 Bourjois Volume Fast Perfecthttp://tidd.ly/56581bf7Ben Nye Cream Shadow 01 NeutralRT Expert Brushhttp://www.pomltd.com/real-techniques-m28MAC Cream Colour Base Hushhttp://tidd.ly/ac3d7e4aBen Nye Blush Coral 07Ben Nye Super Pink LinerYSL 52 Lipstickhttp://tidd.ly/8d7376eMAC Mineralize Skin finish Mediumhttp://tidd.ly/2a0b7484 Contact Lenses Waicon TriKolor from firstvisiondirect.comhttp://www.firstvisiondirect.com/waicon-trikolor-2-pack-by-pfortner/
  • Bright Lip Mak...
    This video was recorded in advance just before I had my baby s...

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